Step Mom's Friend - Truth or Dare

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Cory is excited that her friend, Cassidy, is coming to spend the weekend at her mansion! Cassidy arrives wearing hot pink shorts with a matching tank top. Cory walks Cassidy down the hallway to the guest room. Cory leaves the room and Cassidy decides that she's going to lie down and rest. Cassidy strips out of her clothing and lies down on the bed completely naked. A few moments later, Cory's step-son, Luke, walks into the guest room. He didn't know that his step-mom would be having any friends over this weekend, so he was surprised to find Cassidy in the bedroom that he normally stays in! Cassidy asks Luke if he wants to play a game with her, and they decide to play Truth or Dare. Cassidy dares Luke to have sex with her and to not tell his step-mom. Cassidy lies down on the bed and Luke starts to rub her clit. He is inexperienced so he asks her if he's doing it correctly, and she says yes! She wants to suck his cock, so she starts to give him a blowjob. She hops on top of his cock next, and she rides him in the cowgirl position. She lies down in the missionary position and he continues to fuck her pussy. They're both trying so hard to be quiet so that Cory won't hear them! She flips over into the doggystyle position and Luke keeps fucking her pussy from behind. They hear a noise outside of the bedroom door and they get nervous that Cory is going to come in, so they stop what they're doing in Cassidy Lux in Step Mom's Friend - Truth or Dare.

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