Katy Rose, Ricky - Seasons Episode 1 - Autumn

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Gorgeous brunette Katy Rose runs through the forest, naked except for a sheer cloak that swirls around her body, in episode one – "Autumn" – of Andrej Lupin’s erotic series "Seasons." The fallen leaves crunch under her bare feet as she finds Ricky, also naked and leaning against a tree as he awaits her pleasure. The lovers kiss hungrily, their passion transporting them to a bed strewn with leaves where their embrace grows even more heated. Ricky caresses Katy’s beautiful breasts, sucking her nipples to make her writhe with arousal. Kissing his way down between her spread thighs, he fingers and eats her pussy, giving her an intense orgasm; she turns onto her knees and he resumes licking her from behind until she climaxes again. Katy rocks her sexy ass back to meet Ricky’s powerful thrusts as he starts fucking her doggy style, wave after wave of bliss flooding through her trembling body. She rolls over into missionary, bent like a pretzel so Ricky can drive deep into her drenched pussy while her fingers dance on her clit. After a string of orgasms, Katy straddles Ricky in cowgirl, riding to another mindblowing climax as he starts cumming inside her, painting the last couple of spurts over her silky skin.

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