[PornHub.com] Selena22 Collection - MegaPack

[PornHub.com] Selena22 Collection - MegaPack
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hi ^.^.. I'm pretty shy irl, but I make amateur porn for you guys :). On my page you'll find big cumshots, loving blow jobs, occasional anal, and good compilation videos. I was one of the first amateurs to upload consistently on PornHub(before they paid)and i'm very happy I started :). Ty sooo much to those who rate and favorite my videos. Ty to those who have commented on my videos from the beginning!! I appreciate all the nice comments and it's exciting seeing my videos do well.. feel free to send me a msg here on pornhub :)

Gender: Female
Birthday: Mar 1, 1992
Birth Place: Canada
Height: 5' 5" (165cm)
Weight: 120lbs. (54kg)
Ethnicity: White
Hair Color: Brunette
Fake Boobs: No
Tattoos: No
Piercings: Yes
Relationship status: Open
Interested in: Guys and Girls
City and Country: :), US
Turn Ons: Oral, gagging, balls...

Genre: Blowjob,Natural Tits,Facial,Anal,Small Tits,Deepthroat,Cum In Mouth,Oral,Amateur,Creampie,Cum Swallowing,Ass To Mouth,Bondage,Homemade,Piss,Anal Creampie,Buttplug,
Cast: Selena22
Clips: 148
Size: 16.690 MB
Duration: 1000 min

[PornHub.com] Selena22 Collection - MegaPack
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4 my Handjob Fans ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

134.15 MiB

69 with huge load in my mouth )_selena22_1080p.mp4

89.51 MiB

Amateur Anal with Cream Pie & Cum Farting¡¡_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Amateur Creampie at 4 in the Morning ;) Balcony Facial in Rain¡ Selena22_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Amateur Spits Cum ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Amateur quickie with thick facial!_selena22_720p.mp4

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Anal ;(.. LOL_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Ass to Mouth(first Time), Painal, & Ruined Facial LOL ;(_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Ball Licking, no Hands & Swallow ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Ball Sucking, Creampie, and Gagging Swallow ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Batgirl BJ¡¡ Thick Facial ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Bath Fuck. I came on my Bfs Dick ;). Big Cumshot at the End¡_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Best Creampies Ever¡¡¡ i'm Selena, Watch me Push out Cum ;)..(compilation)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Best girlfriend Loving bj with a lil puke_selena22_720p.mp4

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Big Cumshot & Swallow ;) (quickie)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Big Facial for Cute Amateur ;).. Sucking his Balls and Eating Pre-cum¡_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Big Load in my Mouth ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Big White Ass & Nasty Creampie ;d.. Messing around B4 he came in my Ass_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Big White Butt & Lazy Riding. Quickie Cream Pie ^.^_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Big White Butt ;d.. and Creampie¡_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Big White Butt Batgirl gets a Huge Facial ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Big White Butt and Lazy Riding¡¡ ;) (cream Pie)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Big White Butt, Lazy Riding, Thick Creampie ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Busty Girl next Door gets a Big Facial ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Busty Teen Sucks Dick ;d_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Can i have your Precum¿ ;). Ball Sucking and Big Cumshots_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Catwoman tries Deepthroating & Swallows¡ ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Creaming on a Cucumber ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Creamy Pussy, Closeups, Tasting myself ;).. in HD_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Creamy Pussy, Lazy Riding, and Thick Cream Pie ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Deepthroat practice #2! I puked lol. Messy facial at the end_selena22_720p.mp4

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Deepthroat practice! I made my bf cum early lol.. lots of cum!_selena22_720p.mp4

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Did I help you Cum¿ Hot Clipsâ„cumshot Compilation¡ ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Do you like my Puffy Lips¿ ;d_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Does your GF do This¿ Sucking his Balls while he Plays Cod ;) - Selena22_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Drinking Cream Pie from a Glass and Lazy Riding ;).. I Gagged Lol. Selena22_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Drunk Anal! (short)_selena22_720p.mp4

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Drunk Selena Swallows )_selena22_720p.mp4

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Drunk Selena swallows cum D_selena22_720p.mp4

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Drunk anal & sloppy deepthroat )_selena22_720p.mp4

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Drunk anal ).. (painal)_selena22_720p.mp4

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Eating a Thick Facial ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

24.92 MiB

Emma Watson Cream Pie ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Fat Lips & Creamy Toy. Sry for the Delay, i've been Sick¡ ;(_selena22_1080p.mp4

117.25 MiB

For my Pee Fans ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Gag me. Hard nipples and a thick facial! )_selena22_720p.mp4

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Gagging Amateur BJ ;).. Sry about a little Snot LOL_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Gagging Oral before Work 3 Extra Cumshots ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Girl next Door gets a Thick Facial ;).. i'm Pretty Sunburnt LOL_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Girl next door with perky tits gives a sloppy bj!! (theres a little puke)_selena22_720p.mp4

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Grass and a Big Facial ;d - Selena22_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Green Eyed Selena gets a Thick Facial ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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He Covered my Face.. 3AM with Selena ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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He came in my Eyes ;). Big Thick Facial¡_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Huge Facial ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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I Squeezed out his Cum and Ate all of It¡¡¡ ;) - Selena22_selena22_1080p.mp4

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I Swallowed ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

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I Swallowed a Big Load ;). Ball Sucking Messy Creampie_selena22_1080p.mp4

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I Swallowed it all ;).. Playing with my Ass before Swallowing his Cum¡_selena22_1080p.mp4

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I Swallowed!(kinda Lol).. High Blowjob with some Deepthroat tries ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

286.38 MiB

I Swallowed¡ Quickie ;) - Selena22_selena22_1080p.mp4

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I like to Ride, but i need Practice ;d_selena22_1080p.mp4

104.39 MiB

I made him Cum twice ;).. Loving Amateur BJ - Selena22_selena22_1080p.mp4

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I was drunk ). Huge cumshot!!! then I play with a cucumber )_selena22_720p.mp4

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It wouldn't Fit ;d. Pretty Pussy vs Cucumber_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Just my Fat Lips¡ ;d.. -selena22_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Lazy Creamy Riding before Work ;).. Tasting myself B4 Swallowing - Selena22_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Lots of Cum on my Face¡ ;d.. (some Clips are from my old Apartment)_selena22_1080p.mp4

94.54 MiB

Loving BJ & Huge Facial. I was High LOL_selena22_1080p.mp4

174.45 MiB

Loving Girlfriend gets Thick Cum ;).. Selenas Cumshot Compilation #10¡_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Me and Bf. Balls, Riding, Facials_selena22_720p.mp4

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Messy Ass 2 Mouth ;).. Painal¡_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Monster Creampie¡ he hadn't Cum in Days, Watch me Push it out ;) - Selena22_selena22_1080p.mp4

227.95 MiB

Monster Cumshot¡¡ Anal, then i'm Covered in Cum ;d_selena22_1080p.mp4

86.94 MiB

Mouthful of Cum for Selena ;)_selena22_1080p.mp4

83.50 MiB

My Sticky Pink Pussy ;).. and Buttplug Removal Close up_selena22_1080p.mp4

133.16 MiB

My first Anal(it Hurt Lol). i'll Delete this once I do a Longerâ„better Vid_selena22_720p.mp4

38.07 MiB

My first Cucumber Lol. Thick¡.. Cumshots near the end of the Video_selena22_720p.mp4

154.02 MiB

My first Outdoor Video¡¡ I was Scared Lol.. Thick Facial_selena22_1080p.mp4

145.13 MiB

Netflix & Chill ;) - Selena22_selena22_1080p.mp4

84.44 MiB

Oral Creampie in the Living Room ;).. Drooling Cum on my Boobs_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Ouch, My Eye!! Thick Cum, Gagging, And A Little Puke_selena22_720p.mp4

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PS4 & Swallow ^.^.. I Gagged Lol. - Selena22_selena22_1080p.mp4

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Painal ;'(.. Amateur gets it in every Hole before Nasty Creampie - Selena22_selena22_1080p.mp4

178.10 MiB

Painal and Messy Cream Pie(i Hate Anal Lol) Selena22_selena22_1080p.mp4

116.94 MiB



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