Immoral Live - Khloe Kapri & Chloe Temple [1080p]

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The adventures of Porno Dan, Dean Van Damme, and their new pal Teddy Sanberg with the All Mighty Ring in Florida continue. Crafty Khloe Kapri has experienced the All Mighty Ring and has decided she needs it power for herself. Khloe Kapri enlists her pretty and petite Chloe Temple to assist her so she can steal it. Khloe Kapri has her hapless former sugar daddy Teddy brings his new friends and Porno Dan to the beach with him. Chloe Temple and Khloe Kapri prance around the beach in their string bikinis and are able to quickly convince Dan and Dean to depart with them. Dean entrusts his new friend Teddy to watch the All Mighty Ring as he takes it off. The two sexy blonde girls tag team Dean as they give him a double blowjob. Then these super sexy submissive girls take turns riding his big cock in cowgirl. The dirty talking duo of Chloe Temple and Khloe Kapri is a true dream cum threesome for lucky Dean. The bubble butt best friends continue to suck and fuck Dean until they cum swap his big cumshot. But manipulative man-pleasers Chloe Temple & Khloe Kapri are just getting started so stay tuned for part two.

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