Not My Grandpa - Camila Cream [1080p]

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Grandpa Tommy threw his back out at home, so his step-granddaughter Camilla is staying with him over the weekend to help him, as his nurse is unavailable. He’s all better now, but still pretending he’s still hurt just to get his hands on her. Any excuse is good for Tommy to feel his sweet girl’s tight body, as the horny old man’s cock needs some attention. Tommy has her help him around the house but exaggerates his nurse’s duties in order to get Camila to take extra good care of his needs. Plus, Camila doesn’t mind jerking his step-grandaddy off in the bathroom if it makes him feel better. She even gags on Tommy’s cock to ensure he feels taken care of. Noticing how open to nasty stuff his step-granddaughter is, Tommy pretends to fall and throws his back again to see what else Camila is willing to do for him. The plan works like a charm as the kinky girl helps his-step grandpa stretch his muscles by fucking her in the master bedroom.

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